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Top 5 Unique & Heartfelt Chemo Care Package Items (For Her)

Posted by Arona Martin on
Top 5 Unique & Heartfelt Chemo Care Package Items (For Her)

Undergoing chemotherapy is a difficult time for our women cancer fighters. As caregivers, we don't always know the right thing to say or what to give to support them. They also have their own struggles with managing symptoms and figuring what types of clothing to wear.

Eye masks, lip balms, and herbal teas may be great gift ideas for some women, but what about those who are looking for something more meaningful?

If you're looking for unique gift ideas to include in your chemo care package, be sure to read our top 5 gift recommendations. The list goes beyond physical items.

Big Hug Blanket

We know that hospitals are not the most comfortable places. Why not offer your loved one a soft blanket filled with heartfelt messages they can read during their treatment?

Our Big Hug Lap Blanket offers comfort and personalized tags to let your loved ones know you're there for them.

The blanket fits perfectly over the lap and is made with a soft knit fabric. It has a beautiful metallic silvery color and comes with message tags that make this the perfect gift.

Big Hug Lap Blanket with message tags

Use colorful sharpies or paint markers to write your loved one's favorite lyrics, prayers, or memories that will bring a smile to her face.

“When you are looking for that special gift that speaks from the heart, this is it! It is a very special way to be with them and hug them with your thoughts, prayers and best wishes whenever they use it. It is beautiful and great quality.” – Diana, Because Love Customer

Love Heals Journal

Journaling is one great way to pass the time during chemotherapy and also has proven health benefits.

cancer journaling with chemotherapy

According to WebMD, a study showed that patients who wrote for 15 minutes over 12 weeks had increased feelings of well-being fewer depressive symptoms in one month.

The Love Heals Journal is a creative outlet for women to express themselves while undergoing chemotherapy. This interactive journal has over 160 pages of inspiring prompts and exercises.

Love Heals Journal for cancer patients

It is also beautifully made with a soft, velvet-like exterior. The journal comes with accessories that your loved ones can use to creatively express themselves. You can also add in personalized message before gifting to your recipient!

Shop the journal on our site today! 

Love Heals Journal

“The Love Heals Journal was the perfect gift for my friend. I found this gift for her third round of chemo. She loved the velvet feel of the journal and said having it in her bag was so comforting. I love the prompts and the way to customize the journal before giving it as a gift. a truly thoughtful and perfect gift.” – Michelle, Because Love Customer

Dhremo Therapy IV Decals

When we think of IV infusion bags, we don't typically think much of them. But that's a thing of the past. Dhremo is an innovative brand that offers apothecary-inspired decals to infusion bags to cancer patients.

Dhremo Therapy Decals

They offer 5 styles of decals symbolizing positive thoughts to help cancer patients cope through their diagnosis: Vitality, Clarity, Hope, Love & Light, or Miracle Serum.

Their circus-inspired designs act as a powerful visual and mental reminder of strength. Their whimsical aesthetic gives peace of mind and inspiration to women undergoing chemotherapy.

Dhremo Hanging Decal: Clarity

Include these decals in your chemo care package to provide your loved one with strength, positivity, and hope during their infusion sessions. Your purchase can brighten their day and also helps the community.

Ten percent of all profits are donated to cancer research and support organizations across the country.

Hello Gorgeous Virtual Makeover & Gift Set

While undergoing chemotherapy, women can experience dry skin, rashes, and hyperpigmentation. What if your loved one could talk with a kind professional, who understands these effects and can help them feel better?

Hello Gorgeous is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that is 'restoring the beauty that cancer steals.'

Hello Gorgeous

Kim Becker was a previous stylist and is the co-founder of Hello Gorgeous. Hello Gorgeous offers unique experiences for women battling cancer with virtual makeovers, cosmetic education, and empowerment programs.

They are currently offering virtual makeovers plus a complimentary gift set for women cancer fighters. The gift set is filled with a variety of makeup and skincare products that counteract the effects of cancer treatment.

Hello Gorgeous virtual makeover and complimentary gift set

This set is the perfect add-on for a chemo care package that is both physical as well as interactive.

Buddhi: Online Support for Cancer Patients

Buddhi is an online community that was founded by Kathleen Brown, a cancer survivor, and St. Jude fundraising leader. Kathleen's mission is to provide support and healing to individuals fighting cancer, regardless of time, diagnosis, or geography.

Founder Arona Martin and Buddhi team member

While this is not a physical product, Buddhi, is a new community for cancer fighters. Their community offers member-only access to an extensive content library, forums, and wellness-focused virtual events members can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

With Buddhi, cancer fighters can connect with others going through the same challenges. Just sign up with an email and bring on the support!

"This community has been so warm and welcoming. No matter what type of cancer you have been through. Buddhi is about community and doesn't discriminate because we know cancer sure doesn't." Shoni, Buddhi Member

Chemo Care Package Items = Love

When thinking about the perfect chemo care package, it can be challenging to figure out what to gift your female cancer fighter.

Remember that you don’t need to give the most expensive gift to make a difference. Giving thoughtful and heartfelt products can go a long way! 

woman hugging elderly relative fighting cancer

The Love Heals Journal and Big Hug Lap Blanket are great options to include in your chemo care package. These items are heartfelt gifts that you can give at any time of the year.

Dhremo and Hello Gorgeous are brands that give hope and empower women to be their most authentic selves.

Support can also make a difference. Buddhi is a community that offers peer-to-peer support for cancer fighters across the country.

At the end of the day, Because Love recommends brands and products that symbolize love and strength.

There's nothing wrong with gift cards, neck pillows or essential oils, but consider other heartfelt gifts.

Go ahead and make your loved one’s day with these unique cancer care package ideas.

Shop the Love Heals Journal and Big Hug Lap Blanket below!

Big Hug Lap Blanket with tagsLove Heals Journal

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