when you don’t know what to do, give love

How we Love

because love is a collection of thoughtful and compassionate gifts that provide the perfect love language for someone who is going through a difficult time or experiencing an upside-down season. each gift is shipped with everything needed to personalize the relationship you share and provide meaningful encouragement on the days that seem darkest.


both the LOVE HEALS journal and the BIG HUG lap blanket are tangible love letters from you. they are safe places for questions to be asked and every emotion to be felt. they are reminders of the story still being written – their journey, and yours.

love heals journal

cancer. it’s a battle they didn’t choose. give them an outlet for feelings, a place for positive reminders and a home for emotions to be expressed.


at its core, it’s a journal. But you don’t buy it for yourself, you buy it for a someone you care about who is battling cancer.

the journal comes as a pre-printed book with inspirational quotes, witty commentary, interactive activities, and other unique surprises like: creative doodles, sarcastic phrases, personalized storytelling and fun suggestions that help express emotions.

when you receive the journal (yes, it’s a gift, but you ship it to yourself!) you’ll find step-by-step instructions to personalize pages and fill the book with love.

you’ll unwrap the journal to find a buyer starter kit that includes everything from mini envelopes to seal in messages, stickers to bling out the pages, clips to secure notes and ideas to spark feelings and create laughs.

meet for coffee, send it long distance via snail mail or maybe you’ll leave it on the doorstep with flowers.

this is your gift to them. they use it as a journal to write their deepest thoughts. to share the things they won’t or can’t say out loud. to discover the meaningful notes you added. to find comfort in a time of struggle and to know you’re thinking of them.

big hug blanket

the big hug is a personalized lap blanket to remind someone special they are loved. write messages, silly notes, prayers, uplifting quotes - they’ll forever be wrapped in your love!


the big hug is a luxurious knit lap blanket with glittering metallic thread.

designed with everything in mind - from sofa cuddles and night time comfort to long flights and away-from-home stays - the big hug is where lifestyle, comfort and meaning meet.

just like our journal, you ship this gift to yourself first. it comes with several soft writable tags that you or other loved ones personalized before attaching.

write inspirational messages, scribble down uplifting personal notes, share funny stories - it’s more than a gift: it's a memory.

gift it to that special person so that they can wrap themselves in love when you can't be there to do it in person.

the big hug is not only a small warm throw, it’s a reminder that you are always with them, near or far.