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LOVE HEALS journal

the LOVE HEALS journal is the perfect gift to give a loved one who has been recently diagnosed with cancer. more than just pages in a book, this "kit" comes with everything you need to create a beautiful gift.

As the purchaser, you ship the journal to yourself. it will arrive with an instructions card that will walk you through step by step of what you can do to add love to the journal. When done, you gift it to your loved one, and they use it as a journal thru their diagnosis.

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BIG HUG blanket

designed with everything in mind, the BIG HUG lap blanket is where lifestyle, comfort and meaning meet.

just like our journal, you ship this gift to yourself first. it comes with several soft writable tags that you or other loved ones personalize before attaching.

write inspirational messages, scribble down uplifting personal notes, share funny stories - it’s more than a gift: it's a memory.

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the big hug is a personalized lap blanket to remind someone special they are loved. write messages, silly notes, prayers, uplifting quotes - they’ll forever be wrapped in your love!


love the BIG HUG blanket, it's so soft. the tags have a quality plush feel to them. looking forward to getting some family and friends to write notes on the tags."

when I received my LOVE HEALS journal from my friend, it was perfect combination of warmth and concern and gave me ways to process what I am going through. 

thoughtful, intentional and of the most creative ways to love someone through the hard things! i love everything about what because love is doing and more importantly, why they’re doing it!