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Chemo Port Is In. Now What Do I Wear?! How To Stay Fashionable During Chemo.

Posted by Arona Martin on
Chemo Port Is In. Now What Do I Wear?! How To Stay Fashionable During Chemo.

Chemo Port Is In. Now What Do I Wear?! How To Stay Fashionable During Chemo.

by Kelsey Bucci

Honestly, the last thing you think about after getting diagnosed with breast cancer is, “what am I going to wear to chemo?”

My name is Kelsey, and at 30 years old I was diagnosed with Stage IIB IDC and DCIS. A few days after getting diagnosed, I was in surgery to get my port placed. Before this procedure I had no idea what a port was, what it did, or why exactly I was being told that it would be a part of me for at least the next 12 months.

Once your port is placed it can be a very weird feeling. Mine was very prominent, not something I could hide in the south Georgia heat! My kids happened to be fascinated with this little robotic piece in my chest. They affectionately named it “Lexi the Port”. On any given day my husband would yell out, “sexy Lexi”. Humor has always been a part of my diagnosis, it has gotten me through some dark days with this disease.

In preparation for my first chemotherapy infusion, my nurse navigator gave me a few tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Make sure your port can be accessed
  • Comfy footwear and socks
  • Bring a blanket (our BIG HUG blanket is perfect!!)
  • Bring things to entertain yourself
  • Snacks
  • Drinks to stay hydrated
  • Bring a journal to write in 

As someone who has a background in fashion merchandising and buying, not to mention a blog and Instagram where my style definitely stands out, I knew I wanted to keep being me throughout treatment. Getting up and getting dressed helped me mentally. Even through losing my hair, getting up and drawing on my eyebrows everyday helped me to see ME when I walked passed a mirror. I tackled infusion days the same way!

I made sure to wear button front blouses so that my port could be accessed easily. In the warmer months I would wear a V-neck t-shirt, or a top with a scoop/deep neck so I could pull it to the side. Care + Wear also makes a cute and comfy port accessible hoodie and shirt! Depending on your treatments, you could be there for hours, so comfort is key. You will also want to wear simple outfits that you can go to the bathroom in quite easily. You certainly do not want to be fussing with too many accessories while you are hooked up. Take the time to rest and relax at your infusions. Get in a nap or two before your steroid keep you up all night!

I would also keep lotion in my chemo because my skin would get so dry from the treatments. Visit my store Paris Laundry to find clean and safe products that you can use during treatment!


Guest Blog Post by the lovely Kelsey Bucci.

Keep up with Kelsey on Instagram, @KelseyBucci.




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  • Carrie Roland on
    During chemo you’re always looking for something positive and up lifting to do. Well it’s a great time to sit back and reflect on all the wonderful cards and gifts you may have received. When I had my breast cancer Chemo therapy sessions I brought along with me a packet of Thank you cards that I had purchased online that said Thank You for your Support. The notecards were White, pink and black with bras hanging from a clothesline. They were adorable and I also ordered some cute, inspirational Breast cancer stickers to go with the note cards. This was a good time for me to sit back and relax and to take the time to personally thank all the special people in my life for their kind words of encouragement,support and prayers throughout this journey I was on. It’s unfortunate that people seem to feel that it is not important to send thank you cards anymore, but it is… remember how you felt when you were having a really crappy day and you were wondering if it was going to get any better? Then you went out to go get the mail and there it was a card from a loved one. You opened it with excitement to see what it said, it had a big rainbow and a sun on it. The inside had a note that said hang in there your days will soon start to look brighter and to remember that there is someone here that cares about you and what you’re going through. So please, remember how you felt when you got that card. Can you only imagine how they will feel when they get a card from you telling them how much you appreciate them…..😊

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