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Living a Fulfilling and Healthy Life with Simplified Superfoods

Posted by Arona Martin on
Living a Fulfilling and Healthy Life with Simplified Superfoods

Over the past decade, it's become increasingly vital for me to appropriately feed my body, brain and gut. It's no secret that the brain and gut are strongly connected-- there are over 100 million brain cells in your gut! And so, eating organic, highly nourishing foods not only gives me natural energy but also a sense of clarity and helps me sleep better. When I first started my health journey, Google was where I turned, and the amount of information was overwhelming. Over the years I've talked to doctors, health coaches, nutritionists and also LISTENED to my body. Below are a few of the practices that have become paramount in my daily routine and help me to live a fulfilled, healthy life. 

  • Poop. Yep, that's right. Regular bowel movements (not brought on by caffeine) are one of the primary indicators of a healthy gut. Therefore, eating plenty of fiber (chia, flax, broccoli, brussels sprouts, raspberries)
  • Human connection. Google the ‘Blue Zones’-- areas of the world where people live the longest. One of the characteristics all of these places have in common is their strong sense of community/friends/family. Working for myself has the potential to be isolating so I make sure to schedule in phone calls, lunch dates and workouts with the people that give me energy and joy. 
  • PFF. Protein, Fiber (Carbohydrates) and Fat. Every meal I eat includes each one of these macronutrients. Incorporating all three together sends receptors to your brain that say ‘I'm full for a longer period of time’. The combination also helps regulate blood sugar (no need to reach for the 3pm Starbucks). 
  • Vitamin C. In my bod and on my face. Every damn day. I have been taking LivOn labs vitamin C gel packs every morning for over a year and haven't gotten a cold or flu. Even my allergies have improved. Vit C is a SERIOUS immune booster. 
  • Chewing. Yep, chewing. The digestion process starts in your mouth and so chomping on every bite at least 15-20 times helps release the enzymes that break down the food (ie helps with bloat). This has also helped me be more mindful of how MUCH and how FAST Im eating. 
  • Gratitude. The word is overplayed for sure, but the meaning behind it will never be. Every morning I audibly proclaim two things Im grateful for (this morning was Kitchfix waffles and my balcony). It sets the tone for the rest of my day, and since my meditation practice isn't the strongest (yet!) this feels like a suitable alternative. If you're not comfortable with meditation, you could try journaling too! This is great journal for anyone battling cancer: 

Hope these are helpful and would love to connect with anyone who has questions, or just wants to chat about health and wellness! You can DM me @simplified_superfoods


xx  Jamie

About: My mission with Simplified Superfoods® is to help the consumer get back to the basics and understand that more ingredients doesn't necessarily mean more nutrition. I created the brand because of a desire to revolutionize the most instrumental meal of the day-- breakfast. I wanted to give time starved parents and professionals access to satiating ingredients that were able to fuel their abundant, productive lives--- all in the name of convenience. Our perfectly portioned superfood mixes combine protein, fiber and healthy fats--simply blend our product into a smoothie, stir in oatmeal or yogurt to make breakfast exponentially healthier and exhilaratingly easier.



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