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Cancer Fashionista: My Favorite Things!

Posted by Arona Martin on
Cancer Fashionista: My Favorite Things!

Guest post by Melissa Berry of

I love making lists. Seriously I do. But nothing makes me happier than making a list of my favorite things! I was chatting with Arona and we thought it would be cool for me to share my faves for looking fab through breast cancer chemo and surgery and the like. So here it goes… Please be sure to share this resource with someone who might need it!

I never had a port, so I asked my good friend Kelly Thomas aka @talkischeapxo. She loves this top from Care + Wear. Plus how cute is Kelly?!


Here I am in my favorite bra. This is the “Gloria” from Ana Ono. It’s comfy but really pretty too. I love lace!


I love Violets Are Blue. Especially their roll-on non-aluminum deodorant. It contains baking soda and kaolin clay for an extra punch of dryness plus an amazing fresh, all-natural scent. When applying it you'll get a wonderful hint of Lemongrass for an extra energy boost. 


Let’s talk makeup for a second. I live for the Salty Girl Beauty’s Stephanie Multi Stick. This is a very versatile tint, great for on-the-go application that melts into your lips and cheeks. Plus it’s made with a healing blend of organic ingredients, so it’s kind of good for you too!

I am always looking for a great gift to give to those recently diagnosed, and this provides the perfect amount of comfort and style. Plus, it has sweet notes in it from friends and family! The Love Heals Journal has transformed my journaling/art-therapy experience into something better than I could have imagined. Plus, its beautiful too! 


Last but certainly not least, my favorite coffee table book is by my dear, sweet friend Christina Wilson. It’s called Chest Confessions and is now available on Amazon! Christina is living proof that adversity can activate our greatest potential. This is the compelling true story of Christina Wilson, a 32 year-old woman who had a thriving career, social life, and happy marriage when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. Her life was suddenly turned upside down. Christina very candidly shares her journey of the years-long misdiagnosis, shockingly due to the medical industry discriminating against her young age. She also brings us into her world of dating in New York City, sometimes with humorous results. This inspiring book with photos, takes the reader through Christina Wilson’s journey from trauma and heartache to healing and happiness.


Guest post by Melissa Berry of




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