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Three ways to cultivate self-love!

Posted by Arona Martin on
Three ways to cultivate self-love!

I met Lauren over the internet, and she radiates love. So when I was thinking about who to turn to on the subject of self-love (sometimes called self-care) she immediately came to mind! Lauren was one of the first supporters of my products, and she shined so bright (like right thru the phone) I just couldn't wait to meet her in person. I got to hug her a few months later when we attended a young adult cancer conference called CancerCon, put on by Stupid Cancer, and we have been long distance friends ever since. Lauren is the type of women that you need in your life....she is always smiling, selflessly gives, and does what she can to help you to shine too!!

Carving out time throughout our days can be challenging. It takes planning + intention. In celebration of LOVE this month (and always) - here are three simple ways to cultivate self-love.

  1. Pause to move. We can often spend hours sitting on our computers with meetings and other work. It’s essential that we schedule in pauses throughout the day to move and breath. Try this 5-minute standing “move, breathe + stretch” video -- it will get your positive energy flowing. 
  2. Practice Mindful Self-Compassion. When difficult emotions or feelings come up, speak to yourself as you would a dear friend. Give yourself grace. Daily mantras help develop a positive mindset: I am loved. I am resilient. I am kind. The Because Love Hug blanket is perfect to reinforce your self-love since you can attach tags as a little reminder. What will your tag read today?                                  
    Lauren Chiarello Mika with Big Hug Lap Blanket
  3. Develop a skincare routine. Caring for my skin brings me much joy. Using Beautycounter gives me peace of mind -- knowing I am using clean, high-performing products. I look forward to each morning + evening. The Clean Deo in Clean Rose has been my recent favorite - it actually works :) 
Lauren Chiarello Mika and skin care products

Lauren Chiarello Mika is a two-time cancer thriver + the founder of NYC/CT-based Chi Chi Life -- which melds Lauren's passions: fitness, corporate wellness, fundraising + events + cancer advocacy. A graduate from Villanova University, Lauren loves to bring sunshine, positive energy + smiles to everything she does. Lauren leads corporate wellness workshops, weekly virtual Pilates Fusion classes (free for the cancer community) + is also a Cancer Exercise Trainer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Lauren is a manager with clean beauty certified B Corp - Beautycounter. Most recently, she is a new mama to one year old identical twin boys, Vincent + Jacob.

Instagram: @chichilifenyc 

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