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Kathrine Eldridge: Comforting Loved Ones with Cancer

Posted by Arona Martin on
Kathrine Eldridge: Comforting Loved Ones with Cancer

Dear Loves, 

This past summer, I was following a wardrobe stylist named Katherine Eldridge on instagram when I saw she posted about losing her first husband and father to cancer. I immediately sent her a message of support wanting to share my Love Heals Journal and Big Bug Lap Blanket with her because I thought she might appreciate the comfort in the these gifts as well as their design (since a she is a stylist with great taste!).

Katherine's response was very kind and she loved the gifts so much that she blogged about them on her website. 

Here's a snippet of what she shared: 

"I recently posted on Instagram about losing my first husband and father to cancer. Soon after, I was private messaged by Arona Martin from to see if I would be interested in sharing her Love Heals Journal with my followers. My immediate reaction was a big fat yes because helping others through the difficulties of cancer is something that I wholeheartedly believe in. It was such a emotional time for my loved ones and myself during that journey. What Arona Martin created here can only be described as LOVE and that’s what everyone needs during a diagnosis of cancer.


When I opened up the package from Arona, I was completely blown away by the quality and thoughtfulness of this journal. Besides the inspiring quotes and illustrations, there are many fun accessories to use with the journal to make it special. The velvet exterior and leather closure add a touch of glam which takes this gift up a notch. The embroidered fabric bookmark is an added bonus."

Comforting loved ones with cancer with Because Love.

Accessories from the Because Love Journal


Thank you so much to Katherine Eldridge for sharing her story of hope and strength in the face of Cancer and for sharing these gifts with her community! 



P.S. Are you a supporter of a loved one with cancer? Join my private support community HERE.





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