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Michelle loves well! How she supports...

Posted by Arona Martin on
Michelle loves well! How she supports...

Michelle loves well! How she supports...

I love this story from one of my customers, Michelle…

Last year I had 3 people very close to me, get diagnosed with cancer. First it was my best friend's mom. I was devastated and had no idea what to do. Then while I was still processing that, one of my very close friends was diagnosed with cancer. She had limited resources and had just lost her job and I had no idea where to start. Then I found out that my friend's wife had not one but two kinds of cancer. She is a Yogi and very active and so full of life. My friend was heartbroken. All three people had a special place in my heart and when I found Because Love, I cried. Through the journal, the blanket, and the personalization, I was able to send my love, support, and comfort with a sophisticated and elegant gift. Just after I had sent out my Because Love gifts, I found out yet another friend of mine had cancer. This time the gift was a group effort. I knew I was going to get a journal for this friend. But a few others that knew her, more as an acquaintance, weren't sure what to do and were thrilled to be able to get the blanket for her and personalize the tags! We ordered the Big Love Bundle and we're able to gift my friend both. Thank you Because Love, you are beautiful.

Thank you Because Love, you are beautiful.


Love Heals Journal


See her video:


Thank you for sharing, Michelle!





Big Hug Lap Blanket with tagsLove Heals Journal

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