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Love Is The Word For 2021

Posted by Arona Martin on
Love Is The Word For 2021

I don’t know about you, but after the last year we’ve been through, I believe we ALL could use a little more love in our lives (cheers to a new year!). I’m sure you’ve heard of the “word of the year” trend where you choose a word to live by for the year. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of the chosen words revolve around performance...pursue, increase, consistent. Those are not my words this year.

Our world was undoubtedly turned upside down by the COVID pandemic in early 2020, and unfortunately, it has affected all of us in one way or another (and still is).  We experienced job loss and cutbacks, schools and businesses closing, quarantines, social distancing, and mask mandates being enforced-the list goes on.  

It’s safe to say it was definitely a doozy of a year!  Anxiety and depression have been at all-time highs, and we’ve all had to adjust in some way to this “new” way of life.  Big changes like these are never easy.

Now more than ever, we need to be able to show love to everyone around us.  

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While a virus and global pandemic have made it more difficult to show love like we normally do, we can still show love to everyone-we may just need to be a little more creative when doing so.  Hugs and handshakes may be out of the question for now, but simple gestures can go a long way to express our love!

Showing love today may be going out of your way to help or do a favor for someone in need (like a friend or neighbor who needs an errand done, or they aren’t feeling well and could use a meal prepared for them and their family), and reaching out to a loved one to let them know you’re thinking of them.  Even hopping on a quick phone call or Zoom chat with family can be a great way to take advantage of spending time together (thank you technology!), when we can’t “actually” be together. 

The Because Love Shift

Here at Because Love, we want to help you find unique and creative ways to let those special people know you love them and are thinking about them, no matter what difficult circumstance or life change they’re going through. 

We know it can be challenging to openly express how you’re feeling (especially when it comes to sickness or loss), but we hope we can be here to help you show love and compassion to your loved ones in a genuine way.

Let's be the people that pursue love, increase the love around us, and be consistent in loving others well this year! When asked why we do something, may this always be our answer…. BECAUSE LOVE! Happy 2021!

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