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Guac 'O Clock Guacamole Recipe - My Cancer Food

Posted by Arona Martin on
Guac 'O Clock Guacamole Recipe - My Cancer Food

Guest post by Lindsay of My Cancer Food

My cancer journey began in January of 2017. Although my journey was not much different than many of the cancer patients I’ve met and spoken to along the way, I can tell you that this changed my life.

Since my diagnosis (and even about a year before) I have been following a very rigid healthy lifestyle. I went on a full plant based diet, cut out all sugar, bread, dairy products, alcohol, coffee and any processed foods. I increased my fresh press juices and vegetable intake. I added more foods to the repertoire that I might not have eaten before. I have been extremely cautious about what I eat, making an effort to try and eat only organic. Always taking into account the beneficial properties of all the food I’m eating, and their nutritional value. I really believe in fueling your body with the best possible nutrients in order to thrive.

By the way, for anyone battling cancer, this journal is perfect for tracking eating and writing down emotions and doodling art! 

What I have learned along the way is that there is not just one magic solution. Not everything works for everyone in the same way it could work for you. I’ve learned to take things slow, a huge change does not happen overnight. Research everything. Just because you hear something is organic or low fat, does not mean it is healthy. I’ve also learned to listen to my body, to feel connected to it and look for the signs. It will tell you what it needs. One thing that intrigues me most, are food cravings. I am always aware of the foods my body craves, as it will tell you when something is missing. During treatment I went through waves of different cravings. One that stuck around the most was guacamole. It became so constant, that every day had a Guac O Clock snack before dinner!

Healthy living does not just mean healthy eating. It’s a package. Your mental health and physical health are all included in your lifestyle. Who you surround yourself with, where you go each day (your job), how you talk to yourself and what you feed your body. I am now very cautious of what I do, and what I eat, always taking this into consideration.  

Guacamole and sweet potato thins

Get My Guac O’Clock Guacamole Recipe, CLICK HERE.

BONUS: I love to serve my guacamole with homemade baked sweet potato thins!

Get My Homemade Sweet Potato Thins Recipe, CLICK HERE.


Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

Lindsay of @MyCancerFood on Instagram.



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